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At Legisfund, we can assist you in identifying and developing opportunities in litigation assets.

Our extensive experience in supporting cases allows us to offer creative and tailored solutions to help you maximise the value of your claim and your prospects of success.

Our role in the dispute

Save time

With our knowledge of the market; its genuine and un-genuine players, funders’ preferences and procedures, different charging structures, negotiating, plus an independent service with no conflicts.

Save money

No funder charges the same and whilst some may lead you to believe otherwise, it is never set in stone. Our prices are fair and completely transparent.


Get guidance

We work with you to seamlessly structure a suitable funding solution, that meets the requirements of your case, by analysing the different funding vehicles and providers within the market place



meeting the challenges that arise in litigation requires more than just capital.

Discover how can we work for and with you.

Legisfund brings together many years of experience in the litigation sector, M&A and fund management and has an extensive network of contacts throughout Spain.

Legisfund tailors its services to the needs of each Investor, liaising with the expectations of the Owner. Our goal is to assist the relationship between Owners and Investors wanting to invest in this asset class.
Law firms
Monetize your firm’s anticipated fee income to smooth cash flows, mitigate risk, extend alternative fee and arrangements to clients and generate new business
We help claimants to bring strong claims in their disputes and pursue judgments through collection with mitigated legal cost and risk

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