Our servicesforclaimants

litigation funding

enables the victims of corporate misconduct to seek
reparation without

... costs
... risks
... and inconvenience of managing the litigation themselves.


LEGISFUND helps to access to justice to those claimants who may not wish or
be able to fund their dispute


Monetization is the conversion of a portion of a pending claim into cash, with a finance provider essentially advancing capital that would otherwise be captive until the resolution and payment of the claim. Monetization accelerates an organization’s access to capital. Capital is provided upfront, without the company needing to wait for outstanding claims to resolve—offering immediate liquidity that may be used for virtually any business purpose.

Litigation funding (also known as Third-Party Funding) is a form of litigation financing which involves the funder paying some or all of a party’s legal costs of pursuing a claim in return for a share of the proceeds on success.

No. Claimants won’t have to pay anything or any cost. 

No. The litigation funder only gets paid if your case is successful and damages have been obtained. Litigation funding is non-recourse if the case fails.